'Thor 2' Director Patty Jenkins Is 'Sensational,' Says Tom Hiddleston

Now that "Thor 2" has found its director in "Monster" helmer Patty Jenkins, it's time to find out what her plans are for the film! In a perfect world, we'd call up Jenkins and have a nice lengthy chat about her take on the second installment, how big a role Jane will have in the story, whether Loki will be the one and only baddie, etc. We don't have that quite yet, but the second best option is a sit-down with Tom Hiddleston wherein he reveals what his first meeting with Jenkins was like and what her vision is for "Thor 2."

"She's amazing," Hiddleston told MTV News recently. "I actually had dinner with her earlier this week and she's sensational, a really amazing woman and quite clearly an amazing director."

"'Monster' is one of my favorite films. Weirdly enough, you won't believe me, but this is God's honest truth, before I started shooting 'Thor,' Ken Branagh gave me two films to watch. He said, 'Listen, this is sort of not related, but I want a quality of vulnerability from your performance, which is similar to these two things.' One of them was Peter O'Toole's performance in 'The Lion In Winter' and the second was Charlize Theron's performance in 'Monster.'"

Hiddleson explained that Branagh wanted Loki to have a rawness similar to Theron's portrayal of Aileen Wuornos.

"I told Patty that and she said, 'That's amazing.' It's almost like things come full circle," Hiddleston said. "She clearly has an incredible grasp of story and character and a very powerful emotional engine behind her, which I think is what we need."

So what does that mean for what Loki will be up to in the film?

"What happens in 'Thor 2' has to evolve after what's happened in 'The Avengers,' so I'd say he takes a pretty good hiding from Odin when he gets back home, but I honestly don't know at this point," he said. "The thing about Patty is she has an innate courage and complete understanding of the muscularity of a character like Thor, but also a sensitivity and a nobility and things like 'Monster' and 'The Killing' which she directed, don't shy away from darkness, they don't shy away from murkier aspects of human nature and I think her fearlessness about all that will make 'Thor 2' quite interesting."

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