'Batman: Arkham City' Offers Alfred Search Engine


UPDATE: I reached out to an "Arkham City" representative, and unfortunately for us Yanks, it looks like the contest for the Xbox 360 is only available to European residents. No reason why you still can't use him as a search engine, though.

ORIGINAL STORY: Video game studios and their public relations teams come up with some weird stuff to spread the word about their new releases. A couple of years ago, for instance, a fake severed hand and bribery checks – seriously – were sent out to game journalists to promote "Dante's Inferno." While I haven't received any severed Penguin hands in regards to "Batman: Arkham City," the crew over Warner Bros. did something a bit odd today.

Right now, if you direct your browser over to alfredatyoursevice.co.uk, you'll see a familiar face behind your usual web browsing. Venerable Wayne family butler and Batman confidant Alfred Pennyworth stands behind your search bar, just waiting at your beck and call to track down whatever weird crap you're searching for on the internet.

It's essentially just a search tool with Alfred and a conveniently located "Arkham City" ad, but typing in Batman-related search terms actually brings up some cool stuff. For instance, typing Monarch Theatre into the search bar placed a quote from Alfred into the results.

"A place of deep significance to Master Bruce, this abandoned theatre went out of business soon after the horrific event that created the Dark Knight – Alfred," reads the entry, hilariously just below the link for the actual Monarch Theatre Company in New York City.

There's more to do with the search tool than asking Alfred to make you a drink (I tried, I'm still thirsty). Apparently, Warner Bros. are also running a little treasure hunt contest through the site, and cryptic clues will soon start appearing on the "Arkham City" Twitter feed. If you're the world's greatest detective – or possibly just really good at web searches – you'll have a chance to win a limited edition Xbox 360.

The site is UK-based, but there is no indication in the press release that the contest is only open to UK residents. I've reached out for comment just to make sure.

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