'Batman: Arkham City' Reviews Are Glowing

Arkham City

Well, today's the day. After all the constant news – villain announcements, playable character leaks – "Batman: Arkham City" is sitting on the shelves of your favorite retailer, just waiting for you to kick some thug-butt. The reviews started trickling out late last week, and based on the impressions of critics, "Arkham City" looks like a definite contender for Game of the Year.

The game is currently pulling a score of 95 over at Metacritic, with 14 sites and publications scoring the game a 100 (relative to their own sometimes varied scales). That's a whole lot of perfect scores, and Rocksteady Studios has to feel pretty confident of its chances to rule sales figures in 2011. Of course, we're still waiting on the release of a few more gaming juggernauts like "Battlefield 3," "Uncharted 3," and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" (that's a lot of threes).

Most of the reviews cited satisfaction in how "Arkham City" manages to build upon the already solid foundation laid out by its predecessor, "Arkham Asylum." Honestly, if you're looking for a fantastic comic-based videogame – that's why you're here, right? – "Arkham City" looks like a sure thing. In the interest of showing just how incredibly well the game has performed under scrutiny, here's a rundown of the review scores from an assortment of popular outlets:

» 1UP.com – A

» Giant Bomb – 5/5

» GamePro – 5/5

» Game Informer – 10/10

» IGN – 9.5/10

» GameTrailers – 9.3/10

» EDGE – 9/10

» GameSpot – 9/10

» Destructoid – 8.5/10

The Destructoid review was pretty much the only major outlet to feature a review that dipped below the A-range. It's a fair review though, and does offer a bit of perspective.

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