'Walking Dead' Shatters Ratings Records

The Walking Dead

And this, my friends, is what we call a monstrous success.

It should come as no shock to hear that "The Walking Dead's" second season premiere on Sunday night (October 16) was huge. After all, the comic book adaptation arrived on AMC almost a full year ago to a massive audience of 5.3 million viewers, a number that got as high as 6 million viewers by the season one finale. With behind-the-scenes difficulties like budget cuts and Frank Darabont's departure looming, not to mention so much time passing between seasons, how on Earth could "Walking Dead" top its previous numbers?

Who knows how, but they did it: the "Walking Dead" season two premiere obliterated its own previous record with 7.3 million viewers on Sunday evening, making it the most watched drama in the history of cable television.

When combining the original broadcast and two subsequent encore presentations of the show, "The Walking Dead" drew a total of 11 million viewers in its season two opening night. Guess the apocalypse isn't so bad after all — in fact, it sounds pretty damn good for business!

Given the high quality of its season premiere and the astonishing amount of viewers who tuned in for the big party, "Walking Dead" seems to be doing just fine despite all of its reported woes. It's good to know that Rick and his friends aren't going anywhere any time soon — well, assuming they're not eaten or torn to shreds by the walkers, that is. That's a likelier scenario than cancellation, at least.

Robert Kirkman on the "Walking Dead" season premiere!

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