'Avengers' Trailer Analysis: Five Keys Scenes

By now, you've probably seen the first trailer for "Marvel's The Avengers" with all of its explosions, in-fighting and Iron Man caddishness. For such a hotly anticipated movie with relatively little known about it, any scrap of information out there will be analyzed over and over again for any tiny secret that can be found.

We already dissected the New York City locations from the preview, so let's take a look at the trailer to find out what are the most important pieces of info you'll need come May 2012. Here are the five keys scenes from the trailer for "The Avengers."

Loki Arrives on Earth

Right before his supposed demise at the end of "Thor," Loki hinted that there were other ways back to Earth. This Stargate-like portal looks like the kind of passage Loki might have been talking about. For such a complicated looking machine, you have to wonder who built it. It looks military; could this be an experiment gone wrong? Is anyone else going to come through?

The Quinjet Flies High, Then Kind Of Low

It's hard to say for sure what the unidentified flying object in the trailer was, but our money's on the Quinjet, the Avengers' preferred mode of air travel. The only problem is that in the preview, the Quinjet, if that's what it is, takes a nose dive toward the end with one of its wings on fire. Are the ones responsible also blowing up Grand Central Terminal? Is it Loki? Is it something entirely different?

Avengers Assemble-ish!

One of the things we definitely wanted to see from this first trailer was a shot of the entire team together. Well, we came close. Here's a shot of Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner and Captain America gathered around what's presumably Loki's weapon after it was confiscated on his arrival. Hawkeye didn't make the cut, and Black Widow is barely there. Will we ever get the big group shot we're all hoping for? Let's just hope they're saving that for the actual movie.

Nick Fury Finally Gets His Shot

When we asked to see Nick Fury in action for the first time, we would have settled for a measly punch or kick or something. What we got was something much, much more. Nick was kind enough to squeeze off a round from a bazooka. He's got a lot of pent up frustration, so we'll let him have the overkill. We don't mind.

Mark Ruffalo Hulks Out

If the first "Avengers" trailer should be applauded for any reason, it is because we finally got our first look at the Jade Giant's third CGI iteration in the form of Mark Hulkalo. The peek didn't last long, but was more than enough to remind us why we missed the big green guy.

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