'Avengers' Trailer Commentary: Earth's Mightiest Teaser

"The Avengers" trailer debuted online today, and from what I've observed, the results seem mixed. On the one hand, many Marvel heads are thrilled with the first appearance of Earth's Mightiest Heroes going to war against an unknown threat led by the mischievous Loki. For some, well... disappointment seems to be the name of the game.

MTV News Deputy Managing Editor Eric Ditzian and I sat down earlier today and recorded our very own "Avengers" trailer commentary track. Watch it in the player above to see what we liked and what we didn't, and read on for some more of my thoughts on the trailer.

Overall, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit let down by the first "Avengers" trailer. I wanted to see the team fully assembled — at best, we get a shot of Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Fury, Banner and Widow in a room together, most of them in civilian garb. That quick glimpse just doesn't live up to the potential of getting all these heroes in the exact same shot. Likewise, I was really hoping for confirmation of the Skrulls, or at least some new info regarding that mysteriously mentioned "army" Loki is leading into battle. As it stands, who knows what is blowing up all those New York City cars… it's frustrating to me that this far out from the film's release, we're still not fully sure on the villains' true identities.

So, I left my first viewing of the trailer disappointed. And that Nine Inch Nails music did not do my sour opinion any favors.

While I'm still a bit put off by some of those complaints, I can't deny that there is some truly insane awesomeness to behold in the "Avengers" trailer. Watching a scene, however brief, of RDJ's Iron Man and Chris Evans' Cap interacting with Joss Whedon-fueled dialogue is a total treat. Tony complimenting Bruce Banner on his extraordinary ability to turn into "an enormous green rage monster," too, is an absolute delight. High-flying action as Iron Man soars over Manhattan, bazooka business with Nick Fury pulling the trigger, and Cap and Thor locked in a mortal battle that could secretly be an Avengers-versus-Skrull encounter (see the commentary video for further elaboration)… yeah, gripes aside, there are some seriously great things going on in this trailer.

In short, I'm divided. Parts of me are nerding out, other parts aren't fully sold on what Whedon and Marvel are selling. But I'd be kidding all of you and myself if I said I won't be first in line to see "The Avengers" when it hits next spring, trailer reservations be damned.

Watch the "Avengers" trailer!

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