'Wolverine' Sequel Isn't Set Entirely In Japan, Says Hugh Jackman

FROM MTV MOVIES: After months of delayed start dates and a change of directors, the best thing Wolverine fans have going for them is a star who is just as eager to get the man with the adamantium claws back on the screen.

Hugh Jackman stopped by MTV News and gave an update on "The Wolverine," its potential R rating, whether any familiar faces from the Marvel Universe would show up and a new hint about the setting. As of now, the darker follow-up to 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" has a director in James Mangold but no definite start date.

So what should fans expect from "The Wolverine" once filming begins in Japan? First of all, there will be more locations. "Not all of it takes place in Japan. That's my other little tip for you," Jackman told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Japan, up until now, had been a focal point for the concept of the film, which centers on Logan's encounters with samurai. How Wolverine's native Canada plays into the equation is yet to be seen.

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