Aaron Eckhart To Play Monster In 'I, Frankenstein'

Aaron EckhartAaron Eckhart is going to become a monster once again in Stuart Beattie's "I, Frankenstein." He will be playing Frankenstein's creature, Adam, in the adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel.

"I, Frankenstein" has been described as a modern take on Mary Shelly's classic tale. The story follows Adam after he has survived to the present day, and he finds himself caught in a centuries old war between two immortal clans.

When Grevioux was previously talking about the actor he wanted to play Adam, he retrospectively described Eckhart to the letter.

"I will say I want a bigger guy, anywhere from 6'2" to 6'6", a tad bit intimidating, someone who could act obviously, has a witty banter about him, but this is not going to be a comedy, this is a straight-forward action film that's really going to raise eyebrows," says Grevioux. "So any actor that could pull that off, and there are many, I think would be a good choice.

Lionsgate is producing the film, and their co-COO Joe Drake said in a press release that he is thrilled Eckhart is on board for the project.

"We are thrilled to again be collaborating with Lakeshore Entertainment, and Aaron Eckhart, one of today's most versatile and talented actors. This story is all about what it means to be human, and there could be no more achingly human performance than the one Aaron gave in our own 'Rabbit Hole.' We are so excited to see what he will bring to this role," he said.

"I, Frankenstein" is slated to hit theaters on February 22, 2013.

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