'Dark Knight Rises' Set Video: Did Bane Break The Bat?


Another day, another leak from "The Dark Knight Rises" set. After so many spy pictures of cat ears and clandestinely taped videos of Batwings, there doesn't seem like there's a whole lot that can surprise us... but a new video from the set just might answer a major question about the plot of the final Nolan Batman flick.

Warning: some possible spoilers lie ahead.

A couple months ago we compiled a list of plot details that hadn't been spoiled yet, and now it looks like we can strike "How Badly Will Bane Hurt Batman?" off the list. The new video shows a clearly injured Bruce Wayne leaving his Lamborghini and limping with a cane past a group of photo-hungry paparazzi into a party.

Watch the footage for yourself here. As our two astute narrators observe, the "guy's f***in' hurt."

Ever since Warner Bros. announced Bane as the bad guy of "TDKR," the biggest question in the air has been whether he'd do some serious damage to the Batman. As those of you who are familiar with Bane from the comics already know, the massive masked man is known first and foremost for breaking Bruce Wayne's back in "Knightfall." When Nolan chose Bane for the movie, fan speculation began to grow that he'd borrow the much more intelligent version of the villain and some of the story from "Knightfall." This seems to be a confirmation of at least some of that.

While walking with a limp doesn't equate to shattered vertabrea, it's a clearly a point in the direction that the story is taking. Maybe we'll see a more vulnerable Wayne than we've seen in the movies so far.

Who knows? But we will definitely find out when "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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