'Avengers' At New York Comic-Con: What Will We See?


New York Comic-Con is quickly approaching and fans around the world are starved for any tiny bit of "Avengers" news. It seems like the perfect time to roll out some new material, and Marvel plans on doing just that on October 15 at the Jacob Javits Center. Marvel has promised a look at "never-before-seen" footage to go along with the panel Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleson and Cobie Smulders are attending.

What could this new footage be? We asked Kevin Polowy from NextMovie.com to weigh in on what to expect from Marvel's New York Comic-Con presentation.

We are a mere seven months away from the release of the most epic meet-up in superhero film history, and there still hasn't been an official trailer. The montage after the end credits of "Captain America: The First Avenger" remains the closest we've come to a trailer, so some online rumors claim that a trailer is nigh. "We have to see a teaser at the very least, right?" asks Polowy. "I just hope it's not just the title treatment. Yawn. Let's see a teaser with some meat to it."

Regardless of the format of the footage, whether it's a trailer, a short scene or another montage, there are certain images that fans have longed for. "I'm thinking the footage everyone wants to see is the entire team assembled," says Polowy. "We've heard that the actors shot a lot of scenes separately, but if you're going to show one or two clips you'd think Joss Whedon and Marvel would want to make the biggest splash possible, and give us at least one peek at the whole ensemble."

And if the team won't be assembled, at the very least we'd like to see some action, but that isn't a sure deal either. "'Avengers' is still pretty early in the post-production phase, so I'm not expecting massive action sequences," says Polowy. "But it's still a superhero movie, so of course we'll be disappointed if it's just the six of them sitting around a conference table." No one cares about Earth's Mightiest Morning Meetings.

But the biggest missing piece in "Avengers" anticipation is the mean green machine, the Hulk, himself. "That'd be a nice reveal, yeah. He is the wild card," says Polowy. The most we've seen of the Hulk has been an illustration from his character poster, so seeing the Hulk in his full-CGI glory would be a welcome surprise for fans.

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