'Wolverine' Has Nothing For Gambit, Says Taylor Kitsch

If Taylor Kitsch is to be believed, it looks like the ship has sailed on his time with Gambit.

When MTV News caught up with Kitsch while he was promoting his latest action flick, "John Carter," he didn't seem too optimistic about Gambit, his "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" character, making a cameo in Hugh Jackman's big screen follow-up, "The Wolverine." That being said, he didn't seem too broken up about it either.

"That's up to Hugh, if he wanted it. We'll see. I don't think I'm in it, I haven't heard anything," Kitsch said. "I got my plate full, man. I'm pretty happy where I'm at."

That pretty much holds true to what Kitsch said earlier this year about the possibility of a "Gambit" spin-off movie. He said he hadn't heard any news about the project in a while, and hasn't seen anything tangible to prove that work is even underway on it.

"I know if we do it, it'll probably be down the road and we'll do it hopefully a lot darker,” he said. “I'd love to play him again, but it's a matter of doing it right, too. There's no point in just doing it for the sake of doing it."

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