Captain America, Thor And Iron Man Assemble In New 'Avengers' Photos

Given how much we've already seen from the set of "The Avengers," it might surprise you to find out that the latest round of pictures from this summer's most anticipated blockbuster are among the first official photos Marvel's actually released. The fresh batch gives us some of the best looks yet at Earth's Mightiest Heroes and more intriguing hints from the uber secret story.

One of the most revealing videos from the set came out back in August when the crew filmed in Cleveland and showed Thor and Cap facing off against Loki's army of mo-cap minions -- or the Skrulls, depending on who you ask. This still, featuring Cap without his helmet and Thor with sleeves, was probably taken from that same shoot.

Here's a look into the closet of Captain Steve Rogers and his new 21st century costume behind a pane of glass. Seems like Steve is having trouble letting go of the past from the looks of his outfit from L.L. Bean's Wartime Collection.

A lot of what we have officially seen from the movie takes place on a set that's likely the iconic Helicarrier. The tease after the credits of "First Avenger" shows Tony Stark in a cheeky Black Sabbath tee, and we see the same one here.

The footage from Disney's D23 Expo, among other things, gave us a glimpse at a captive Loki, who looks like a bigger and bigger presence here the more we find out about the plot. Unsurprisingly, the god of mischief doesn't look that upset to be in S.H.I.E.L.D. It's possible he may have a trick up his sleeve. Just maybe.

Best guess is that this is a picture taken right before Black Widow figures out something exploded behind her. Or it's just her being her normal badass self. Scarlett Johansson talked at D23 about the minor upgrades to her costume from "Iron Man 2," and we can see some of them here.

Finally! After months of talk from Samuel L. Jackson about actually getting to do stuff this time around, we now get to see the boss in action, most likely letting off some pent up aggression left over from four movies on the sidelines.

This picture of director Joss Whedon giving a few pointers to Johansson showed up online yesterday, but is still worth taking a look at. Pictures from "The Averages" are pretty rare these days!

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