Mark Wahlberg Reunites With 'Contraband' Director For '2 Guns'

2 GunsIt's been almost two months since news first broke that Mark Wahlberg had been tapped to play the lead in Universal's adaptation of "2 Guns," but that the movie lost director David O. Russell. Fortunately, that loss has finally been filled.

Variety has learned that Baltasar Kormakur is the man who will end up helming the project. The Icelandic director is best known for his 2006 film "A Little Trip To Heaven," and the upcoming flick "Contraband." Wahlberg is also starring in that picture, which probably contributed to Kormakur getting this gig.

The last report had "2 Guns" slated for a winter start date. Now that Universal has a director in the bag, it seems like they are sticking to their schedule.

The only thing that's missing is a replacement for Vince Vaughn's character. Vaughn dropped out at the same time that Russell did, which means that "2 Guns" is missing one half of its team. It's unclear whether Wahlberg will be playing DEA agent Trench or undercover naval intelligence officer Steadman.

"2 Guns" follows Trench and Steadman as two agents who are set up to investigate each other as men looking to steal the mob's money. What neither of them realizes is that they've both been conned into stealing $50 million from the CIA. The graphic novel was written by Steven Grant, and "Brotherhood's" Blake Masters penned the adaptation for the big screen.

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