'Dark Knight Rises' Star Juno Temple Won't Confirm Her Rumored Character's Name

Getting information about "The Dark Knight Rises" is... well, actually, not as hard as you'd like to think, not with the countless set photos and videos that have trickled in over the past few months. But when it comes to speaking with the actual cast and crew members involved with the production? It's significantly trickier business, to say the least.

Take actress Juno Temple, for example. In an interview earlier today about her stunning work in "Dirty Girl" (not exactly typical Splash Page fare, mind you, but if you're a fan of great acting and raunchy '80s-era road trip movies, this one's for you!), I asked Juno if she could address reports that she is playing Holly Robinson, the "Batman Year One" character who poses as a sidekick to Catwoman.

Her response? The always devious "no comment," of course. And it's said with such a mischievous grin that you can't quite tell if she's covering the truth -- that she really is playing Holly -- or if she's hiding a secret of a totally different color. Either way, until an official announcement hits, I don't think we can safely put her under the Holly column.

But Juno was somewhat more forthcoming when it comes to the topics of being on a Christopher Nolan set and what she thinks about leaked footage and photos. She said: "It's sensational. Truly. It's a very, very cool thing to be a part of, [but] I'm not allowed to talk about it."

Temple's "Dirty Girl" hits theaters on October 7, 2011.

Do you think Juno is playing Holly Robinson, or do you think she's got another trick up her sleeve? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!