EXCLUSIVE: 'Immortals: Gods And Heroes' Preview


"Immortals" Mondays launched here on MTV Movies earlier in the week, but your next clash with the titans and gods of Tarsem Singh's fantasy epic won't have to wait until next week.

Today, we have an exclusive first look at a full chapter from "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," the original graphic novel from Archaia Press. Featuring ten different stories from some of the best minds the industry has to offer, this exclusive "Immortals" chapter — titled "The Pride of Prometheus" — comes courtesy of Ben McCool ("Pigs," "Memoir") and Trevor Hairsine ("Captain America," "Judge Dredd").

Check out the full chapter past the jump!

Before the chapter begins in earnest, we're offered some back story on the conflict between Zeus and Prometheus:

The agreement between the Olympians and Titans to share dominion over mankind proved to be an uneasy alignment. The Titans remained on the surface while Zeus and his pantheon could but gaze upon mankind from the heights of the newly built Mount Olympus above.

For a time, there was peace, but tensions continued to rise, with Zeus suspecting Prometheus, the new lord of the Titans, of a plot against the Olympians. Whispers told of unspeakable atrocities committed against humans, forcing Zeus to seek out Prometheus and uncover the truth…

What follows is a direct confrontation between the ruler of Olympus and the remorseless Titan, with Zeus quickly realizing that he's bit off more than he bargained for. Read the chapter yourself by clicking the cover below.


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