'Wanted 2' Targets Original Writers, Plot Details Emerge

Wanted 2Just as we were starting to move on, all of the sudden we're "Wanted" again.

A sequel to the 2008 action thriller from director Timur Bekmambetov is once again gearing up after several years of fits and starts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, original "Wanted" writers Derek Haas and Michael Brandt have been targeted to bring a sequel to life at Universal.

Haas and Brandt, who shared screenwriting credits with Chris Morgan on "Wanted," will reportedly shape the sequel based on work already accomplished by screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos, who was hired for "Wanted 2" in 2009.

Some very early plot details about "Wanted 2" have been released as well. The Wrap reached out to Haas and learned that the sequel would "take off after the events of what just happened … pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round."

With Wesley still in the crosshairs, that means the "Wanted" gang will need to get James McAvoy back on board — or, in a considerably less ideal situation, recast the part. For his own part, McAvoy has said that he isn't even sure "Wanted 2" will ever happen, though this latest news certainly suggests that it will.

McAvoy or no McAvoy, one imagines that Wesley is just about the only returning player for "Wanted 2," as (spoiler alert?) nearly every single character met the business end of a bullet by the first film's conclusion. There were some previous rumblings about Angelina Jolie's character being resurrected for the sequel, but she shot those rumors down when speaking with us in 2009.

So, in all likelihood, no Angelina -- though one "Wanted" producer seems to think otherwise. But... maybe Kristen Stewart?

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