Brad Pitt Reportedly Circling 'All You Need Is Kill'

Brad PittRemember when Warner Bros. announced their plans for a big screen adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka's "All You Need Is Kill?" A lot of folks were pretty psyched about it, including our illustrious Movies Blog and Splash Page editor, whose excitement over the title alone is worth revisiting here.

Now there is yet another reason to jump aboard the "Kill" bandwagon: Brad Pitt might sign on to star in it.

Vulture reports that WB has sent an offer to Pitt and that the film might be on the fast track into production now that director Doug Liman's "Luna" has been put on hold at Paramount, freeing up his schedule to start "Kill."

The site also reports that screenwriter Dante Harper’s script, which focuses on a soldier who is trapped in a time loop during a war against a race of alien invaders, has been through a re-write that features a more studio friendly third act, vs. the action in Sakurazaka's original work, which is an endless battle of bullets, death and alien destruction. Not that there has been any talk of doing away with said death and destruction, but those who've read "Kill" understand why a studio might need to tone a few things down so as not to venture into NC-17 territory.

Pitt and his team will apparently have some decision-making to do, as the studio also wants him to star in "The Mission," a pic about a Navy SEAL's six-year rescue mission to free U.S. hostages from FARC rebels, which apparently David O. Russell has been looking at for his next directorial project.

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