'Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman Suit: Style Vs. Utility

by Brian Phares

When it comes to "The Dark Knight Rises," Catwoman faces her greatest challenge of all: which is more important, style or utility?

Below, MTV Style's Mary H.K. Choi faces off against a man known to rock denim and plaid like it’s going out of style (let’s be honest, it is), none other than MTV News' very own Deputy Managing Editor, Eric Ditzian. The topic? Catwoman's controversial new costume.

It seems you can’t go wrong with black, as Mary has pointed out. Catwoman is keeping it classic in what Mary deems a look that oozes pure professionalism. Fitting, because let’s face it, Catwoman is definitely a pro, especially at kicking ass and taking names.

But how about those ears? Not the most stylish choice in my opinion, but Mary disagrees. In today’s modern age, it isn’t too crazy to imagine a girl wearing cutesy cat ears around town, and Eric definitely thinks these ears are more than meets the eye. Have fashion and utility finally made a merry couple?

The belt is something both Eric and Mary agree on. Not only is it low slung, accentuating Catwoman’s lovely feline form, but it also has the potential to pack a lot of mysterious weaponry, a topic of much concern to Mr. Ditzian. What would a thieving cat lady be if she didn’t take a cue from Batman’s swag just a little bit?

And lastly, what about the claws? Eric hopes they are retractable, because they seem to be sadly missing from the whole getup. But Mary assures us, “Given that it is Catwoman, I have every expectation that her nails look dynamite.”

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