'Immortals' Exclusive: Discover 'Gods And Heroes' In This Graphic Novel First Look

"Immortals" Mondays — a series of weekly exclusive features, interviews and more leading up to the release of Tarsem Singh's mythological epic — kicks off today right here on MTV Splash Page with an exclusive first look at the film's upcoming comic book counterpart, "Immortals: Gods and Heroes."

"Gods and Heroes," published by Archaia Entertainment, is a graphic novel anthology containing ten different stories from acclaimed creators including Ben Templesmith ("30 Days of Night"), Ron Marz ("Green Lantern"), Ben McCool ("Captain America") and more, all with the purpose of expanding upon the universe so carefully laid out on screen by Singh and his team.

"The graphic novel began because Relativity Media and Archaia both recognized that it was an immense world, a visual and gorgeous world. Just having two hours to play around in that world… it wasn't enough," explains Joe LeFavi, executive editor of the "Immortals" graphic novel, in our exclusive behind-the-scenes feature. He adds that unlike many other film-to-comic projects, "Gods and Heroes" won't simply repurpose the movie's plot for the paneled page — instead, this comic book will feature stories independent of the final "Immortals" film.

"We're doing something different, something that you usually don't do in licensed publishing," he says. "We're doing a complimentative narrative to the film: they're both standalone pieces, but if you read the graphic novel and then see the film, it ties together as one cohesive whole."

Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes "Gods and Heroes" featurette to find out much more about the project. Be sure to check back here at Splash Page later in the week for more exclusives from the graphic novel, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more "Immortals" Mondays!

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