'Captain America' Sequel Not Likely Until 2014, Says Chris Evans

Captain AmericaCaptain America next throws his mighty shield at audiences in "Marvel's The Avengers," but after that, Steve Rogers might be on ice again for a little while.

Speaking with The Playlist, actor Chris Evans revealed that he likely won't star in another "Captain America" movie until 2014 — news that potentially puts an end to the mystery surrounding the identity of one of two films Marvel Studios has on their calendar for that year.

"They may wait until 2014 until they release the next Cap," said Evans. "Marvel has a lot of balls in the air, they aren’t going to cannibalize their films.”

The actor added that you probably won't be seeing him as Steve anywhere outside of the "Cap" and "Avengers" movies either, so forget about any cameos along the lines of Robert Downey Jr., Clark Gregg, and Samuel L. Jackson's surprise Marvel appearances.

Evans, who is contractually signed for six Marvel pictures, revealed: “Out of those six films, if I pop up in one of those [other films], it counts as part of the deal. So if they needed me in a third Cap, and I say, ‘F--- you, give me $30 million,’ well…they want to avoid that.”

Beyond "Cap," Evans spoke with the outlet about his character's new modern look when "The Avengers" rolls into town.

“The first one was a 1940s look, very utilitarian, something that would serve a purpose on the battlefield,” he said. “But in ‘The Avengers,’ Joss just had a certain vision in his mind about what he wanted Cap to look like. That’s what he wanted to see. It’s so nice working on these movies and the director’s a fan. He’s the dude at Comic-Con that we’re terrified of pissing off. If Joss is happy, I’m happy.”

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