Tom Hardy: Don't Mess With 'Dark Knight Rises' Star Christian Bale

Tom HardyWhile we know that everyone in "The Dark Knight Rises" is sworn to secrecy in not revealing anything about their role or association with the film, there have been a few comments and photos released from the stars recently that, while not exactly breaking news, continue to keep us as intrigued as ever about Chris Nolan's future blockbuster.

Digital Spy managed to get their hands on a nice little soundbite from the seemingly perfect and expertly cast Tom Hardy as evil and unstable Bane, wherein the reporter asked him if he'd managed to kick Batman's ass yet during filming.

"Have I managed to kick Batman's ass? Christian Bale is not the kind of guy you wanna piss off," Hardy replied. "We negotiate these fight scenes," he said, before adding the requisite, "I can't answer that."

Hardy did say that he hopes fans appreciate his efforts in trying to look as Bane-esque as possible.

"For Bane I had to put on weight ... I want to prove to the fanboys how big I can look," he said, while holding a small espresso cup and joking that it made him look even more intimidating.

In yet another Hardy-centric news story, The Shortlist got the English actor talking about his "Dark Knight Rises" and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" co-star Gary Oldman.

“Gary Oldman is my absolute complete and utter hero,” he said. “He’s the f---ing man. I look at him and I want to be like that for my generation — I want to have that same quality. He’s incredible. And there is a definite ‘hang on a minute’ [moment], but I’ve got past the star-struck part now."

If you're a Hardy fan, the Shortlist story is worth checking out for all of his great quotes and more reasons to love the 34-year-old, like his career strategery:

“Once I’ve completely finished on a couple of films, such as 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'Mad Max,' you’ll probably see me fade away. I might f--- off completely. It’s like laying a field down with crops — you need to leave the field, man, sometimes, so you can grow sh-t again. I’ll f--- off if I have to. Sometimes you need to know when to leave the casino.”

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