'Man Of Steel' Heads To Vancouver For Fishing And Solitude

Man of SteelUp, up and away goes Superman, as the big blue boy scout and his companions are packing their bags for the great white north of Canada and, potentially, the Fortress of Solitude.

Director Zack Snyder is taking his latest movie, "Man of Steel," to Vancouver for its next phase of shooting. The new location is a familiar one for Snyder, who previously shot "Watchmen" and "Sucker Punch" in the Vancouver area. Now, the Canadian city is about to fly high with Superman — or "Autumn Frost," rather, which CTV News believes to be a code name for "Man of Steel."

According to the outlet, shooting will take place through January in various Vancouver locations including the district municipality of Ucluelet, which will reportedly "play the role of a small, Alaskan fishing village." Which begs the question… what is Clark Kent doing in an Alaskan fishing village?

Of course, maybe Clark won't be spending any time in Alaska — perhaps the village will play host to another assortment of characters like General Zod and his minions — but if our hero is headed to such a remote location, one wonders if it isn't because he has a certain Fortress to visit all the way up north. That's certainly where my money is at, at least.

We don't know Superman's reasons for travel just yet, sure, but with the amount of set photos and videos pouring out on the "Man of Steel" front (as well as seemingly every other comic book movie currently in production), it's a sure bet that we'll know something more substantial before much longer.

"Man of Steel" hits theaters in June 2013.

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