'Dark Knight Rises' Star On Robin Rumors: 'I Can't Have This Conversation!'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt could tell you all about "The Dark Knight Rises," but then he'd have to kill you.

Don't worry, your life isn't really in danger — because, quite frankly, good old JGL is keeping his lips sealed on all things "Dark Knight." The actor, already a veteran of Christopher Nolan films, is starring in the director's final Batman movie as a Gotham City police detective named John Blake. But just like there's controversy surrounding Marion Cotillard — is she really playing Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate, or is it just a cover for another, significantly more shadowy character? — some have wondered whether or not Gordon-Levitt is actually playing a different secret role in the film.

Is he The Riddler? Is he Robin? The rumor mill never ceases to turn, and sadly, JGL isn't going to stop it from spinning anytime soon.

"You know I can't have this conversation, man," he laughed when asked point blank if he'd be playing Robin in "Dark Knight Rises" during a conversation with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was promoting his latest movie, "50/50." "I can't have this conversation."

Nope, no spoilers from the one-time Cobra Commander, but Gordon-Levitt did speak to the idea of being part of a Batman movie and how much the franchise means to the fans at home.

"You know, we're working on a Batman movie," he said about the experience. "Batman is a very dear character that precedes the recent Chris Nolan trilogy. I think it's cool that people care a lot about it and are very interested in what we're doing."

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