'Walking Dead' Season Two Teaser & Photos: Grab A Gun!

The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" crawls back onto television in just a few short weeks with all of the brains, blood and brutality you've come to expect from the AMC zombie series, but before the new season premieres, you can catch a glimpse at what's in store in a brand new promo video.

Aired during last night's off-the-charts episode of "Breaking Bad," the new "Walking Dead" TV spot (courtesy of Bloody Disgusting) highlights the inner conflict at the core of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. Suffice it to say, not everybody is getting along, and by the look of things, not everybody is sticking together.

In addition to the new "Walking Dead" promo, a whole bunch of new photos from the show's second season have arrived online. You can check out the full gallery at Spoiler TV, but some of the highlights include an uncharacteristically lovely shot of the Grimes family standing together on a field just outside of what looks to be Hershel Green's farm, as well as one photo that shows Rick and wife Lori in a loving embrace while old pal on the way to becoming full-fledged crazy man Shane looks on with jealousy.

But maybe the most revealing photo of them all is the full-on cast shot, which features what one would assume to be the main group of series regulars... but there isn't a single new actor in sight, so expect to see some new faces in the coming weeks.

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