'X-Men 4': James Marsden Is Game For Cyclops Return

When "X-Men: The Last Stand" all went down back in 2006 (yeah, we know, time flies!), James Marsden's Cyclops may have died. Well, he probably died, but we didn't fully see him die on screen, and these are the movies where nothing is real (like Santa!), so we're gonna go with a probably here.

Since we're banking on a probably and not a definite, when we had the pleasure of catching up with Mr. Marsden at the "Straw Dogs" premiere on Thursday night in New York City, he weighed in on if he'd ever consider coming back for more laser eye action in another "X-Men" flick.

"Yeah, I mean I was really lucky to be part of those movies," he shared. "It was a great family. It was a great formula we had. It really worked."

Of course, getting Scott Summers back in the "X-Men" fold wouldn't be too easy... or would it? Last we saw him, he was in the process of being partially dematerialized by Jean Grey, but who knows if she fully pulled the trigger. We didn't see a corpse, did we? Maybe there's some hope for old Cyke after all -- especially considering that Marsden is on board for another "X-Men" movie, assuming the script and timing worked out.

"It's a great role, [and] if the script comes out and they want to go forward with it and there's enough for me to do in there," he said, "Then absolutely."

Here's the thing: I don't really know very much about "X-Men," but James is so nice and charming, I'd happily go see a Cyclops flick. Let's start a petition. Who's in?

Do you want to see Marsden back for more "X-Men," or is it wishful thinking? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!