'Avengers' Star Chris Evans Tackles Stan Lee's Cameo

FROM MTV MOVIES: For a while, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was claiming his upcoming cameo in "The Amazing Spider-Man" would be his funniest big-screen turn yet in a series of appearances stretching back to his blink-and-you'll-miss-it role as a hot-dog vendor on the beach in 2000's "X-Men." But Spidey now has some serious competition, as Lee maintains his "Avengers" cameo gave him the opportunity to pop off "probably the funniest line that I've had to say yet."

The superhero he gets to deliver it to is Chris Evans' Captain America, a nerdy triumph that had the actor pumping his fist in mock victory over his fellow Avengers and saying, "It's great!"

Like Lee, Evans wouldn't reveal the details of the cameo — and, honestly, what would be the fun of knowing beforehand when and how the comic creator will appear? — but he did gush about working with Lee.

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