Gerard Butler On '300' Sequel: 'I Have To See A Script'

Fans of Zack Snyder's gritty, highly stylized slo-mo-tastic "300" have been long awaiting a sequel to the surprise 2006 hit. Thanks to recent reports from producer Bernie Goldmann, it seems that the next chapter, to be directed by Noam Murro, isn't too far off. Goldmann hinted that while the sequel will feature a whole new cast of characters, there might be room for small cameos by "300" stars Gerard Butler and Lena Headey.

When MTV News caught up with Butler during the press day for his upcoming action drama "Machine Gun Preacher," we asked him for his thoughts on the sequel and reprising the role of King Leonidas.

"You know more than I do. I'm like, 'Oh there's a director now?' I've heard that I'm in the script. I've heard things, I've seen things, I've flown off the moon," he joked throwing in a "Blade Runner" reference to throw us off track. "That was my way of avoiding [the question]," he added with a smile.

"I honestly don't know what's going on," he said. "I have to see a script and talk with them more."

Butler went on to say that he's open to the idea of appearing in the sequel, but that it has to be the perfect scenario for all parties.

"I would love to get involved again, but it has to be something special," he revealed. "Because '300' to me was such a powerful one-off experience, that there's no point in doing it again unless it's really great."

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