'Walking Dead' Season Two Premiere Crosses 'Awesome' Lines, Says Producer

The Walking DeadAs "The Walking Dead" crawls closer to its second season premiere date, you can expect a flurry of news and interviews about the show's upcoming return from the off-season grave. Today, we've got two new updates worth biting into.

First, TV Line spoke with series creator Robert Kirkman and executive producer David Alpert about the season premiere, which promises to "cross a line, and that line is awesome."

“I think we cross some lines in this first episode," said Kirkman, who adds that we'll learn more about the "digestive system of a zombie" in the new season. “Let me be honest, it’s definitely a little more visceral than we’ve gotten in the previous season. I’m excited about coming out of the gate with that punch in the very first episode of this season, so hold on to your seats.”

Sounds like we should hold onto our guts as well, but most of us watching the "Walking Dead's" behind the scenes woes have already been holding our breaths since Frank Darabont parted ways with the series earlier in the summer. Speaking with TV Guide, new showrunner Glen Mazzara — who has Darabont's blessing according to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd — said that the show without Darabont will look and feel somewhat different by necessity of the situation.

"I'm in this situation where I have to take over and try to fill Frank's shoes. Well, that's a dangerous situation," he said. "I think the show would be inauthentic if I tried to mimic's Frank's voice. I'm not Frank Darabont and I shouldn't try to be. I think that would hurt the show. I asked them, please help keep me honest, keep the writers honest and be collaborative."

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