'X-Men: First Class' Blu-Ray Exclusive: Suiting Up!

If you haven't already been convinced that the "X-Men: First Class" Blu-ray is a purchase worth making, after catching a glimpse of Magneto in drag, and going behind-the-scenes of Jennifer Lawrence's crazy long makeup routine for Mystique, we've got one more featurette to tickle your fancy: "Suiting Up."

In the video, we hear commentary from members of the intrepid costume design team and producer/writer Bryan Singer about what went into the sleek, yet classic costume design. We get to see a designer hard at work on the look for Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), the model for which, as displayed on his computer screen, is a mannequin upon which McAvoy's face is superimposed. Clearly there are advanced, highly technical computer programs at work here, but there's a resemblance to a super high tech and fun game of paper dolls.

"There was a desire to make them utilitarian but functional," Singer says in the clip. "Functional using 1960s technology."

We learn that actual space age design went into the suits, specifically the designers looked to what NASA used during that time period. Also interesting, the yellow in the suits is the actual color of Kevlar. Who knew Kevlar was yellow? The fabric isn't actually Kevlar, only made to look like it, as the bullet-proof material is a bit tough to work with. The blue is equally cool, and referred to as "ballistic nylon." We're told that a team of crafty ladies machine-stitched checkers into each panel of the nylon, in order to make the fabric have a texture.

Nerdy goodness, right? How often we forget about how much work goes into the minute details of vital film elements such as costume. It's those impressive special effects that get us all distracted.

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