Former Catwoman Doesn't Envy 'Dark Knight Rises' Cast

Julie NewmarCatwoman's making a comeback in "The Dark Knight Rises," though not everybody is fully on board with Anne Hathaway's take on the classic Batman rogue just yet.

Admittedly, we've barely seen anything so far — just one official Catwoman still, some thoughts from Hathaway on the costume and some photos from the set — so it goes to show how quickly some of us have jumped to conclusions about this still developing movie.

Indeed, while most fans have learned to trust in Christopher Nolan's vision, there still seems to be a lot of pressure on "Dark Knight" newcomers like Hathaway… so it should come as little surprise that a previous Catwoman has spoken out about the difficulties of tackling such an iconic character.

"I don’t envy someone that has to play Batman or Catwoman today," said Julie Newmar, the former Catwoman from the Adam West era of "Batman," in a new interview with Hero Complex. "It was a heck of a lot more fun when Adam West and I did it.”

From Newmar's perspective, that element of "fun" is what separates today's take on Gotham's Caped Crusader from the lighter version of yesteryear.

"This is what I get from people when they talk to me about the original Catwoman and compare it to the latter ones,” Newmar said. “I think people prefer the more humorous one, the lighter one. People seem to complain that the recent ones are too dark in spirit. But that’s what reflects what’s going on. That’s what film and acting and everything is."

It doesn't seem to me that there are too many complaints — not when "The Dark Knight" sits high on the list of the highest grossing movies of all time — but there's truth in Newmar's comments. Catwoman is absolutely a character who wields the witty quip as much as she does her whip, someone with a sarcastic edge to her meow. Based on Hathaway's previous work, I'm convinced that she's up to the task… but I'll reserve some judgment for the finished product.

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