Don Cheadle Is 'Captain Planet,' But Not Really [NSFW]

Captain PlanetIt's been a good 15 years since "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" finished its original run on TBS. And when it's finally rebooted and turned into a live action Hollywood adventure -- something that's reportedly in progress right now -- we hope against all hopes that it looks something like this.

That's right... here comes Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, a much darker hero than the eco-friendly champion of yesteryear.

Warning: what you're about to see past the jump is decidedly not safe for work!

"Don Cheadle is obviously the best person to play Captain Planet in the movie version of the popular cartoon," Cheadle wrote about the video (which he uploaded), and we have to agree. There's something about the dazed, power-mad look on his face towards the end of the video that totally sells this adaptation for us. It's nice to know that he's keeping the funny coming with his great sense of humor.

Also in the video are "Community" actress Gillian Jacobs, "The Social Network" star Brenda Song, "The Chronicles of Narnia's" William Moseley, "Napoleon Dynamite" leading man Efren Ramirez and actor James Davis. They play the Planeteers who summon Captain Planet to save Earth from some men cutting down trees nearby. Captain Planet stops the men by turning them into trees, but then goes power mad and turns everyone -- even one of his Planeteers -- into trees as well. Smack talk ensues, and those Planeteers will likely never summon Captain Planet again. Or, if they do, hopefully it will be in sequel form.

The full awesome video is below, but one last warning: bad language lies ahead. Proceed with caution, and goooooo planet!

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