DC Comics Reboot, 'Powers' And 'Game Of Thrones' In Today's Twitter Report

DC RelaunchThe big news in comics today is the massive reboot going on over at DC. Jim Lee and Geoff Johns' "Justice League" #1 went on sale all over the country to kick it off, and the two of them have been touring New York City on the signing circuit to promote it. Lee even tweeted some photographic evidence.

Opinions on what DC's relaunched titles will accomplish varied. A couple of takes, along with Edgar Wright's "Game of Thrones" discovery and info about a "Powers" pilot cut you can't see unless you're at Brian Michael Bendis' house made the rundown today.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 31, 2011.

"Powers" pt. 1: @BRIANMBENDIS @Oeming got the new powers cut. come over!

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("Ultimate Spider-Man," "New Avengers")

"Powers" pt. 2: @Oeming @BRIANMBENDIS what's that? A new cut of the Powers pilot? Hells yea! After I get a new back though #powersFX

-Mike Oeming, Writer/Artist ("Powers," "The Mice Templar")

@edgarwright Late to the party, but thoroughly enjoying 'Game Of Thrones'. No one told me the 1st ep was directed by the lead bully from 'Class Of 1984'!

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Shaun of the Dead")

@marcbernardin I was so underwhelmed by LA Noire, I'm replaying Red Dead Redemption. And 30 minutes in, it reminds me just how superior it is.

-Marc Bernardin, Writer ("The Authority," "The Highwaymen")

DC relaunch pt. 1: @MrAdamFreeman I bet most publishers see a bump in sales just from the new foot traffic coming in LCS. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Relaunch is good for everyone.

-Adam Freeman, Writer ("Dark X-Men: The Beginning," "The Highwaymen")

DC relaunch pt. 2: @JimLee 18 hrs from the start of our 1st radio interv today2the last comic signed at @MidtownComics -@GeoffJohns0 & I r done:D twitpic.com/6dvdx3

-Jim Lee, Artist ("Batman," "X-Men")

DC relaunch pt. 3: @dan_goldman Still wincing whenever I see "The New 52" tagline; WTF is that supposed to mean to a first-time reader?

-Dan Goldman, Writer/Artist ("Shooting War," "08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail")

@jonrog1 Just ... let's not pretend "comics won't be around" b/c of piracy. If comics "die" per se, corporate decisions over decades made it happen.

-John Rogers, Writer ("Blue Beetle," "Zombie Tales")

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