'Amazing Spider-Man' Is A Life-Changer, Says Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spider-ManAndrew Garfield has had a huge year. Not only did he play a pivotal role in the Oscar-winning “The Social Network” in late 2010, but he’s also set to become a household name as he pulls on Spider-Man’s suit for next year’s reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

It’s somewhat shocking then that the 28-year-old actor doesn’t particularly want to be famous.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex Garfield explained that the added visibility that came with such a huge role, was the one thing that gave him pause in deciding whether to take on Peter Parker.

“That was absolutely the one thing I questioned,” the actor admitted. “Of course this comes with a certain life change but I’m going to do everything in my power to hold on to what’s important, which is I am a guy who does a job for a living that comes with some periphery stuff that I’m not interested in.”

While he might not be interested in the fame that comes with playing one of the world’s most beloved superheroes, Garfield is absolutely fascinated by the “Amazing Spider-Man” source material. The actor explained that when looking for inspiration, he went not only to the numerous artists who have drawn the character, but also to spiders themselves.

“I studied spiders, I studied their movements and how they operate in the world and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could,” Garfield told Hero Complex. “[Peter’s] a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit. It also shapes the way he interacts with people.”

One of the actors Garfield will no doubt be interacting with the most is his co-star Emma Stone, who plays Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy. Comic fans already love the character, and we know how Jim Carrey feels about Stone, but Garfield clued everyone in to just how great the actress really is.

“I didn’t know how nice she was going to be and how funny and how sweet and how generous she was going to be as a human being,” he gushed. “She’s the kind of girl who brings cupcakes in for the crew and doesn’t tell them that they are from her.”

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