'Sin City 2' Snags 'The Departed' Screenwriter

Sin CityA sequel to the 2005 comic adaptation “Sin City” has been in the works for years, but until recently has been plugging along at almost imperceptible speeds. The production seems to be kicking into high gear finally, with the addition of William Monahan, the Oscar-winning writer of “The Departed.”

Just last month at San Diego Comic-Con, Robert Rodriguez explained that legendary cartoonist Frank Miller had recently turned in a draft of the script, and that production was simply pending its approval, which could possibly occur before the end of the year. Now, via The Hollywood Reporter comes news that co-directors Rodriguez and Miller will be gunning for that deadline with Monahan’s help.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monahan will be “supplementing” Miller’s draft, so presumably we won’t be looking at a wholesale rewrite. Miller, of course, is the creative force behind not only the original movie, but also the source material, writing and drawing the neo-noir escapades of Basin City’s ne’er-do-well residents. “Sin City 2” is said to feature an adaptation of the comic book story “A Dame to Kill For,” and unlike the first flick, also include two original stories by Miller.

As to the cast of the sequel, Rodriguez insists that returning characters will be played by the actors who portrayed them in the first movie, which means that we would likely see the return of both Mickey Rourke as Marv and Jessica Alba as Nancy. Dwight McCarthy, played by Clive Owen in the movie, also makes an appearance in “A Dame to Kill For,” but it is prior to some serious facial reconstruction surgery, so it’s possible a different actor could step into the role.

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