'Supernatural' Creator Develops 'Deadman' TV Series

DeadmanComic book companies like DC and Marvel have extensive back catalogs, boasting countless characters with fascinating, unique backstories. While maybe not all of them are capable of opening a summer superhero spectacular to incredible box office receipts, many of the classic characters’ designs and concepts are strong enough to deserve more attention. That’s why we’re thrilled that things are moving ahead on a "Deadman" television series.

Deadline is reporting that the CW network is already at work developing a show based on the undead hero, presumably to replace “Smallville” which came to an end this past May.

Just last month at TCA, CW president Mark Pedowitz claimed, “We’re looking next year to do a superhero show if the right superhero comes to be.” In order to bring their new, darker superhero to the small screen, the network is looking to someone well familiar with mystical, magic-based television: Eric Kripke, the creator of “Supernatural.”

While Kripke is no longer the day-to-day showrunner on “Supernatural,” his creation has proven to be a massive success for CW, as it is entering its seventh season this year, with no current plans to draw to a close. Kripke would bring his experience and vision to one of DC’s stranger, but most intriguing characters.

Former trapeze artist Boston Brand was murdered during a performance, and subsequently given the ability to possess living beings by a made up Hindu goddess named Rama Kushna. As Deadman, the ghost of Brand inhabits the bodies of the living and works to solve crimes and all matter of earthly crises. While not a traditional superhero by any means, the nature of the character could lend itself well to a serialized drama format. Created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino back in the late 1960s, the artist with the most famous run on the character is the legendary Neal Adams.

Would you tune in each week for a “Deadman” television show? What other deep-cut DC characters would you like to see given their own series? The Forever People? Prez, the First Teen President? Flippa Dippa? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!