'Locke & Key' Trailer: The Show That Could Have Been

Locke & KeyOne of the most highly sought after events at San Diego Comic-Con this year was the "Locke & Key" panel, and unlike the cryptic nature of the series itself, there's no mystery behind the panel's popularity: after Fox decided not to pick the comic book adaptation up to series, this was the only official chance fans would have to see the full "Locke & Key" pilot episode based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's horror masterpiece.

Though access to the pilot remains limited to the very lucky few who saw it at Comic-Con, a second best alternative has emerged. Josh Friedman, one of the writers tapped to shepherd the "Locke & Key" adaptation to television, recently tweeted out a link to a promotional trailer for the show that reveals — forgive the pun — key moments from the unaired episode.

Watch the trailer after the jump!

According to Friedman (and courtesy of Superhero Hype), the trailer's presence on the web — which dates back two weeks, apparently — does not mean that there's new life for the "Locke & Key" series.

"This leaked L/K trailer was made by Fox for advertisers months ago (obviously before they decided not to pick us up)," he cautioned his fans over Twitter. "Nobody should make anything of its presence on the net. I don't know who put it out there. But it is something Fox had shown me long ago."

It's almost even more painful to watch this trailer and know that the show won't ever exist in its full form, because based on the nearly two and a half minute glimpse of footage, it's clear that this "Locke & Key" adaptation had all the ingredients for a beautiful, haunting and memorable interpretation of the IDW horror series. Please geek gods (or TPTB at Fox), if you have any decency in yourselves, you'll find a way to give this show another chance. The world needs this "Locke & Key" adaptation — or, at least, I do!

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