'Dark Knight Rises' Star Tom Hardy Dismisses Spoilery Set Photos

FROM MTV MOVIES: The only problem with Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated "The Dark Knight Rises" is that no one involved in the project can talk about it, and with such secrecy comes obsessive fanboy quests for spoilers and on-set footage and photos.

When MTV News caught up with "Rises" star Tom Hardy as he promoted another of his anticipated films, "Warrior," we asked what he thinks about the incessant quests for details about his character Bane and the rest of the film.

"I think it just shows that people are really into it. It's great," Hardy said. "If you love something, why not follow it?"

He added that he doesn't much care for those who seek out spoilers, however, and also hasn't paid much attention to the photos that have been released, official or not.

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