'Avengers': Captain America And Thor Assemble!

It's one thing to see an "Avengers" teaser that offers quick glimpses at Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It's a completely different thing seeing them fight shoulder-to-shoulder.

Finally, we've got our first look at two of the greatest Marvel Studios heroes — this summer's box office champions, Captain America and Thor, to be precise — stepping into the ring and kicking villainous tail alongside each other. To add anything more might be saying too much, so click past the jump if you aren't afraid of a few potential spoilers!

"The Avengers" are still on the rampage in Cleveland, and today, good ol' Cap and the God of Thunder are wielding the shield and throwing the hammer like it's their job… which, ya know, it is. Set videos and photos show Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth bringing their considerable superhero might to bear on a pack of enemies.

And not just any enemies, either — there's compelling evidence from earlier set photos that the Skrulls are in the movie, and they're up to no good. There was an alien firearm on the set yesterday, and adding further fuel to rumors of the Skrull presence (or, at the very least, some kind of otherworldly threat) is today's appearance of what looks to be a spacecraft. See it for yourself:

And here's Cap and Thor fighting side-by-side against a bunch of guys in motion capture suits — aka, Skrulls. You know it, I know it.

Thanks to Badass Digest and Blastr for pointing out the photos and video!

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