Conan On Conan: Barbarian Meets Late Night Hero!

ConanOK, so it’s not exactly Han Solo having a space race with Captain Kirk, but when the star of the new “Conan” movie, Jason Momoa, sat down with our other favorite Conan, Mr. O’Brien, we were still pretty excited.

Somewhat disappointingly, the late-night talk show host wasn’t named after Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation, but instead, a slightly less badass “Gaelic bishop from like a thousand years ago.” Still, O’Brien has had to live under the long shadow of the Cimmerian barbarian for decades, pointing out subtle differentiations between the pronunciation of his name, and that of the fictional character.

“For years, I grew up with the name ‘Conan’,” he explained. “In the comic book and in the movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger made, it was ‘CO-nan.’ So people used to come up to me as a kid and go, ‘Hey, CO-nan!’ and I would say, ‘It’s ‘Conan’,’ and then they would beat me about the head and shoulders.”

While Momoa had some experience playing a savage man of violence in his role as Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones,” he took some very specific measures in order to more properly portray the archetypal barbarian.

“I listened to a lot of heavy metal,” the actor admitted. “And I decorated my mirror with all these Conan pictures, and then also just naked women everywhere.”

Momoa identifies “sexual frustration” as a key component to Conan’s character (the barbarian, not the talk show host), a somewhat different take from past representations of the character, which showed him sexually satisfied pretty much whenever he damn well pleases. Additionally, we’re unsure how qualified anyone married to Lisa Bonet is to talk about sexual frustration.

Additional highlights of Momoa’s appearance on the talk show include a story about a friend breaking his nose to give him that rough-and-tumble look, as well as an extended bit with the actor acting like a cat while O’Brien scratches his belly. Sure to be a fantasy fulfilled for some weirdo out there.

Check out the video below, then make sure to tell us what you think about Momoa as Conan, and how long it will take for someone to get these two guys in a buddy cop movie together.

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