'Conan,' 'Batman Beyond,' BBC's 'The Hour' In Today's Twitter Report

Conan"Conan the Barbarian" may attract some audience members based solely on its bare-chested sword fights and monsters this week. For Matt Fraction, however, the key selling point seems to be Morgan Freeman's voice (or that of someone who sounds suspiciously similar to Freeman).

Joe Hill, meanwhile, dug BBC America's new spy show "The Hours." His micro-review, a hint about a change in "Batman Beyond" and a tease from Fred Van Lente about a new project he's working on piqued our interest in the feed this morning and made the retweet list.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 18, 2011.

"Conan" pt. 1: @mattfraction look i can't tell you how to live your life but Morgan Freeman does the narration in that new CONAN piece of sh-- you guys lets GO #dirtbags

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Thor," "Casanova")

"Conan" pt. 2: @TedNaifeh @mattfraction Morgan Freeman replacing Mako. That just about sums up new Conan.

-Ted Naifeh, Writer/Artist ("Polly and the Pirates," "How Loathsome")

Secrets pt. 1: @sonnova There will be one VERY significant change when Batman Beyond returns in 2012...Speculate away!

-Adam Beechen, Writer ("Robin," "Hench")

Secrets pt. 2: @fredvanlente So, in honor of a top-secret creator-owned project I'm developing w/a certain artist, I begin a new feature on my feed: #dragonfacts.

-Fred Van Lente, Writer ("Action Philosophers," "Marvel Zombies")

@edgarwright Was in a room tonight with @IdrisElba & @JohnBoyega. They were not there at the same time so, alas, I failed to introduce Stringer to Moses.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Shaun of the Dead")

@Reilly_Brown Here's a con sketch of Magik from New Mutants-- fav.me/d46zq63

-Reilly Brown, Artist ("Cable & Deadpool," "Incredible Hercules")

@joe_hill The first episode of #TheHour was plenty good to bring me back for next week. Smart and unafraid, which is how I like 'em.

-Joe Hill, Writer ("Locke and Key")

@philhester Underreported quality of the top flight writer: you have to be a cold blooded assassin horse thief chickenhawk in nabbing the best artists.

-Phil Hester, Writer/Artist ("Green Arrow," "The Irredeemable Ant-Man")

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