Robert Rodriguez: 'Sin City 2' Has To Shoot This Year

It's been about a month since we got a slew of upcoming project updates from Robert Rodriguez at Comic-Con, in addition to a VIP tour of the excellent Frank Franzetta art exhibit, so now that Rodriguez is making the rounds doing press for "Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World," we have another opportunity to check-in on his "Sin City 2" progress.

"We're still working on the script for "Sin City 2,"" Rodriguez told MTV News. "I'm excited about that, I know a lot of people are always on the look out for it, the time is finally coming. We've been telling everybody that we're going to shoot this year, so we actually have to shoot this year," he added when asked about the production's official start date.

Rodriguez had mentioned previously that he didn't foresee a problem getting stars to sign on for the sequel, just the matter of finding roles to accommodate them.

"I try to accommodate actors as much as possible, people I want to work with, so I'm constantly looking, 'Are there any other bit parts that we can put somebody in and have some do something interesting?' I try to pick stories that have a lot of different characters, so you have the opportunity to work with a lot of people," he said of managing the many "Sin City 2" role requests from stars. "That's how I did the first one, [I thought] 'How can I adopt other characters from other stories and put them in there to have a wide range of cast?' I would definitely want to do that for the second one."

So has he talked to any of these actors about signing on yet?

"I haven't had any conversations with the actors yet," Rodriguez said. "You really have to have something completely written out to be able to go and show them and say, 'Okay, this is a serious offer, come aboard.'"

And although he hasn't yet spoken with potential star, Angelina Jolie - who has previously expressed her interest in being in the film - there's still a chance she'll find her way in the film.

"Yeah," Rodriguez said when we reminded him of Jolie's interest in the films. "We'll see," he said with a smile.

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