'Dark Knight Rises' Set Photos: The Batwing Rises!

Another day, another visit to the set of "The Dark Knight Rises." In what's becoming a very frequent habit around Splash Page HQ, we're checking in once again on what's going on with Batman in Pittsburgh — er, Gotham City — as Christopher Nolan guides his trilogy to its final resting place in grand fashion. The evidence is in today's new photos from the "Dark Knight" set, which you can see for yourself by clicking the image below.

So, what can be learned from these images? Join us after the jump and we'll tell you!

Yup, That's A Batwing!

Or at least it's a vehicle that Batman is piloting. I liked my idea of Nolan turning the Batwing into an unmanned drone, but there's definitely room for a passenger as seen in this shot. And that's not just any passenger — look closely and I think you'll agree that this is the Dark Knight himself bringing his flying machine to bear on a pack of renegade Tumblers.

Ride The Cat

Selina Kyle remains on the prowl, and depending on your read of her latest appearance on the Pittsburgh set, you could easily come to the conclusion that she's on Batman's side, or that she really is fighting against him. With the Cat riding alongside one of the presumably hijacked Tumblers, it's just too early to tell whether or not she's aiming to put a wrench into Bane's plans, or looking to make sure they come to fruition.

Gordon's Back

Who knows if this shot of Gary Oldman on set infers that Jim Gordon's injury, accident or other form of medical mishap has already happened at this point in "The Dark Knight Rises," or if the bad times have yet to pass. Either way, we know this: the mayhem that's going on in Gotham City has a role for Gordon to play… whether or not he's seen the worst of it already, or if he's on a collision course with something graver, remains to be seen.

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