'Dark Knight Rises': What Hasn't Been Spoiled Yet?

by Kevin Sullivan

It seems like every day there are new spoilers from "The Dark Knight Rises" set. Christopher Nolan’s last Batman flick has only been in Pittsburgh for two weeks and Warner Bros. has already had to release the first Catwoman photo before spies beat them to the punch. Thanks to other pictures, we already know what Bane’s full costume looks like and that a camouflaged version of the Batmobile is involved somehow.

But the leaks didn’t start with Pittsburgh. During the first round of shoots in Europe, key plot points and even news of a surprise cameo made it online to potentially spoil the fun for everyone hoping to see the movie next July without knowing all the secrets.

Thankfully, not everything has been spoiled yet. Some mysteries still linger, and we're investigating them after the jump.

What Happened To Gordon?

The short teaser trailer shows Jim Gordon laid-up on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask, talking to either Bruce Wayne or Batman, and he doesn't look good. Did Bane get a hold of him and knock him around? Was Barbara still a little pissed about the whole “faking his death” thing? Regardless of the reason, all is not well in Gotham, and it’s time for Batman to come back.

What Side Will Selina Choose?

Always the wildcard, Catwoman has never been known for her solid alliances. The occasional ally and sometimes enemy will surely factor heavily into the void left by Rachel Dawes after her untimely death, but which Catwoman are we going to get in "Rises"? Will Kyle even be full-on Catwoman yet? The first photo shows a geared-up Selina, but she’s missing the trademark ears and tail. Is this the more realistic, Nolanian Catwoman, or will that transformation come later?

Who Are Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Marion Cotillard Actually Playing?

Though their roles are officially listed as John Blake and Miranda Tate, respectively, there is little doubt among online discussions that their true identities have yet to be revealed. In the case of Cotillard, there is one very popular theory we’ll let you search for yourself, but for Gordon-Levitt, no one seems sure who John Blake will actually end up being.

Why Is Gotham Crumbling?

Maybe we should chalk it up to "Inception," but there is definitely something wrong with Gotham’s structural integrity in both the trailer and the first poster. Is Batman’s city literally falling apart or is it a symbol for Gotham without its silent guardian, its watchful protector? Does Bane have anything to do with it? Is the dream collapsing? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure: it doesn’t look good.

How Badly Will Bane Hurt Batman?

Anyone familiar with the comic books most likely knows Bane as the Man who Broke the Bat. In the "Knightfall" series from the early '90s, Bane literally broke Batman’s back, a crushing blow that remains one of the Caped Crusader’s most vulnerable moments. By introducing Bane into his film series, Nolan seems intent on restoring the villain to his former glory after "Batman and Robin" turned him into a mindless goon. During a glimpse of a fight scene in the trailer, it’s clear that Batman isn’t quite holding his own against the powerhouse. At this point the question isn’t whether Bane will seriously hurt Batman... the question is, how bad is it going to be?

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