'Powers' First Look: Jason Patric Is Christian Walker!

PowersThe pilot for “Powers” started filming in Chicago almost a month ago, but shockingly, we’ve heard relatively little about the FX production. But now, about a week after filming has wrapped, we’ve received our first look at “The Losers” star Jason Patric as the series’ leading man.

Patric plays superpowered police detective Christian Walker, one of the two leads in Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s ongoing comic series, “Powers.” Though Patric lacks imposing upper body Oeming imbued the character with in the comics, the actor has the costume and furrowed brow of Christian Walker pretty much down pat.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Windy City plays a prominent role in the new series. “Chicago was chosen early on as a location where the shows’ supernatural aspects could be grounded,” the paper asserted.

The show is being helmed by executive producer and writer Charles Eglee, who has worked on comic book adaptation “The Walking Dead,” as well as “The Shield,” making him a fitting choice to bring Bendis and Oeming’s superpowered police procedural to the small screen.

“For me it was about creating some interesting characters in a law enforcement context, and it just so happens that the bad guys they’re fighting have abilities that regular people don’t have,” Eglee said. “I just look at our bad guys as metaphors for real-life characters.”

“Powers” is expected to hit the FX Network in 2012, and in addition to Patric, stars Charles S. Dutton, Carly Foulkes, Bailee Madison and “Bad Teacher’s” Lucy Punch, who will play series co-lead, Detective Deena Pilgrim.

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