Catwoman Crashes The 'Dark Knight Rises' Set

CatwomanRecently, when speaking with MTV News about her Catwoman suit, Anne Hathaway said that we’ve only seen “about a tenth of what that suit can do” in "The Dark Knight Rises." Apparently, that extra 90% involves the ability to destroy super-expensive cameras at but a moment’s notice!

While we got a look at Catwoman’s suit and bike late last week, now we also have a shot of the character in action.

In a scene that appears to feature Gotham City police officers beating the bejeezus out of people outside Gotham City Hall, one of Hathaway’s stunt doubles rides the all-terrain bike down a set of stairs -- right before plowing directly into one of the production’s super-high-tech and super-expensive IMAX cameras.

TMZ is reporting that neither the cameraman nor the camera were injured, but unless the device is supposed to explode on impact, that sounds a little bit like wishful thinking to us.

In other Catwoman news, Hathaway spoke with Moviefone and revealed her favorite comic book stories featuring Selina Kyle: "There is a later one where it's the origin story of Selina [Kyle] and she's [the] Cat. She follows this guy into a museum because she wants to steal this piece, and she touches it and this guy is like, 'You've defiled it with your female hands' ... [It also includes] her training to become a fighter and she has to battle the guy who was a jerk to her in the beginning, and you get to meet her master who believed in her and who gave her a shot."

And in case you haven't seen it yet, here's Anne's reaction to our Catwoman assessment:

What do you think? Did “The Dark Knight Rises” $250 million budget just jump up a measly six figures, or is this just part of the regular wear and tear of filming an IMAX action movie?