Marvel Schedules Two Movies For Summer 2014: What Are They?

The AvengersFile this under enigmatic: Marvel Studios have slotted two movies for the summer of 2014, but won't disclose the titles.

Superhero Hype reports the news that parent company Walt Disney Pictures have scheduled one Marvel movie for a May 16, 2014 bow (two weeks after the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel is scheduled to swing into theaters) while the other targets June 27 as its release date.

But as far as what those projects are? It's anyone's guess… and speaking of, we have a few hunches of our own after the jump!

With "The Avengers" assembling next summer and sequels to "Iron Man" and "Thor" already scheduled for the summer of 2013, it's a smart bet that a second "Captain America" movie is one of the two films heading our way in 2014. Steve Rogers' solo debut has earned north of $250 million worldwide after just three weekends in theaters, a number that's matched with strong reviews from critics and fans alike. Cap will definitely sling his shield into theaters next summer, but my money is on a repeat performance in 2014.

As far as the second movie, there are tons of possibilities, but I'm betting on (and hoping for) "Doctor Strange" for the slot. "Strange" news has been picking up speed with Marvel reportedly on the hunt for a director, and while no star has been tapped for the Sorcerer Supreme just yet, Patrick Dempsey has tossed his name into the ring.

Also worth considering: "Runaways," which was reported to have slowed down development as recently as October of last year; "Iron Fist," which feels like it's been gearing up for forever; and "Luke Cage," which has guys like Isaiah Mustafah and Tyrese Gibson campaigning for the lead role.

Which movies do you think Marvel will release in 2014? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!