Spider-Man's Parents Won't Be CIA Agents In First Film, Mark Webb Reveals

Full disclosure: Although I love Spider-Man, I am not as psyched about "The Amazing Spider-Man" as everyone else. I loved Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi! Still do, actually. However, I will admit I've warmed up to Andrew Garfield-as-Spidey now that we've seen him in action and in costume and heard all about the work he put into the character. Not to mention his adorable Hall H panel appearance at Comic-Con.

Furthermore, when MTV News caught up with director Marc Webb and producer Matthew Tolmach at San Diego Comic-Con, they explained a few new explorations and additions to the webslinger's universe that have me intrigued.

"We're creating a world of our own devising, but we take cues from the comics," Webb said of using the Marvel comics for inspiration, adding that although the film will touch on Parker's missing parents, which is new to the movie adaptations, they won't be fleshing out the comic-book storyline that revealed Mr. and Mrs. Parker to be secret government agents.

"In terms of the CIA-secret-agent thing, we're not really going down that road in particular," Webb said. "Not in this movie."

"There is a lot of stuff to explore and design, and that was part of the fun in creating this universe in a new and different way," he continued. "There's a relationship with Oscorp that's deeper and more interesting," Webb went on to explain of delving deeper into certain histories. "There's a lot to explore with Peter Parker as a character that I think is really fascinating. The trickster component and punk-rock instinct he has I'm really excited to get out there."

Regarding where they plan to take the story in a second or third film, Webb admitted they have thought about specifics with regard to character arcs and storyline explorations.

"We had many discussions about how to create a universe that could sustain over a few films," he said.

"There are also those moments that are teased," added Tolmach. "But there are emotional questions to be resolved within Peter and within other characters in the movie," he said. "I think that's also what's going to make for subsequent movies."

Where should they take the second and possibly third installment of this Spidey's story? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!