'Man Of Steel': Analyzing Henry Cavill's Superman Suit

Earlier today, you got your first look at Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." It's just one little glimpse at the director's Superman reboot in the grand scheme of things, but actually, there's a lot to dissect in this first official photo. Click the image below and read on to examine the new Superman even further!

The Texture

Just like his friendly neighborhood superhero rival across the aisle in "The Amazing Spider-Man," the famous DC Comics icon is going for a more ridged look in his latest costume than what we're used to. Gone is the sleek and bright red and blues, replaced by darker shades and a texture that's similar to what some have referred to as the "basketball" aesthetic of Sony's Spider-Man reboot.

The Shield

Fans of Steel weren't overly pleased with the shrunken shield at the center of their hero's chest in "Superman Returns," so those same fans should be overjoyed with the character's new look for "Man of Steel," which has a much more prominent shield than the most recent live-action version of the hero.

The Cape

How about that cape? It's not that it's a new addition to the Superman look, but Cavill's Kryptonian has a much longer, more flowing cape that syncs up quite nicely with Snyder's usual aesthetic. You can almost picture that crimson cloak covering the big screen now!

The Underwear

As in, is he even wearing any? It's hard to tell based on the way the photo is lit, but it looks like Superman might not be wearing his traditional red undies in this movie, not on the outside at least. If the briefs take a hike, then it looks like Warner Bros. is falling in line with Jim Lee's recent redesign of Superman in the comics, which also jettisoned the classic red covering.

The Damage

We could talk about the curl (or lack thereof, I should say) but I'm much more interested in something that has nothing to do with Superman's actual look: the photo itself oozes with carnage, as the Man of Steel crushes his way through a destroyed bank vault. It's a far cry from the standard hands-on-hips image of the big blue boy scout that many of us are used to, and seems to be an immediate response to one thing that fans are clamoring for from their next Super-film: action, action and more action. If that's what you're looking for, no doubt that Snyder's the man to give it to ya — and this picture just proves that action is very high up on his list of priorities.

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