'Dark Knight Rises': Anne Hathaway Is Hush-Hush On Catwoman

Anne HathawayWe've seen a lot on the Gotham City front lately, from on-set photographs of Batman versus Bane to some potentially significant "Dark Knight Rises" spoilers.

One person who's been curiously absent from the recent "Dark Knight" shenanigans, however, is Anne Hathaway, who stars in the movie as Selina Kyle. The Oscar-nominated actress (and one-time host) isn't staying completely silent, however.

In a new interview, Hathaway was somewhat more open (emphasis on somewhat) about playing Bruce Wayne's newest femme fatale. “I went after it because it was the best role and Chris was willing to meet me," Hathaway told Total Film of her reasons for joining the "Dark Knight Rises" cast, though she was reluctant to say too much more.

"I signed a blood oath," she said, holding up her hand, testifying to the secretive nature of Christopher Nolan's moviemaking magic. "Bloody thumbprint on the paper."

She did add one little bit of knowledge that perhaps you weren't expecting on the "Dark Knight" sequel front: "It's going to be really good."

We're still a year out from release and we could have told you that! But for her own part, Hathaway — whether or not she's just Selina or actually gets to slip on the Catwoman costume — is simply giving it her all.

"I want to be the best actress I can be and that means working with the best people and taking the most challenging roles. That’s the plan and so far it’s led to some really exciting places."

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