'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer's Spidey-Vision Explained!

FROM MTV MOVIES: Behold, the glory of Spidey Vision! Perhaps that was the reaction "Amazing Spider-Man" director Marc Webb and his team were hoping fans would have when they peeped the final 30 seconds of the Marvel flick's first trailer, a first-person romp that puts viewers in the web-slinger's sight line as he swings from buildings and scales brick walls. But not everyone was sold on the inherent grandeur of this visual effect.

Maybe it was just a tad too reminiscent of mid-'90s first-person shooter video games like "Doom," the complaint went. Maybe Spidey Vision was neither revolutionary nor simply cool enough to warrant such lengthy and climactic placement in the trailer.

The whole thing left us wondering: just how much will Spidey's P.O.V. be a part of the finished film when it hits theaters next July? Not much at all, apparently.

"[There] are also moments we really wanted to embrace this experiential process of 3-D," Webb told us about Spidey Vision while at San Diego Comic-Con. "The teaser is a hint at some of that."

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